About Us

Our Story

Quick Fix Urgent Care is a health clinic that started with one fundamental idea. To help those in need of medical treatment whenever and wherever. While one’s health is always a top priority, the body can be susceptible to disease, infections, and injury without notice, which is why Quick Fix Urgent Care was founded.

By helping patients needing a quick remedy for their illness or injury, we can help them get back to their normal routine, whether they’re currently on vacation or preparing for a big trip. No one should have to put their life on pause because of a minor illness or injury. Let the medical experts at our clinic help!

Our Mission To Health

Health is a number one priority at Quick Fix Urgent Care. Our walk-in clinic specializes in illness and injury treatments like cold & flu treatment, food poisoning, stitches, sprains, UTI/STD testing, strep throat treatment, family & child care, and more!

Health varies from age to the sex of the patient, which is why our medical experts specialize in treating ages from as young as three-months-old to senior ages. This gives us a broad understanding of how to treat human health from the beginning to late life. No matter the age or sex, Quick Fix Urgent Care ensures that we have a treatment for the minor illness or injury that you’re experiencing.

QuickFix Urgent Our Mission To Health
QuickFix The Future of Health Medicine

Our Dedication To Our Community

At Quick Fix Urgent Care, we take pride in our dedication to serving the needs of our local community. From providing fast and convenient medical care to supporting our local hospitals, we show our commitment to the community by offering affordable healthcare services for those without access.

We understand that sometimes unexpected illnesses or injuries occur, so we offer walk-in treatments, same-day appointments, and extended hours seven days a week. We aim to ensure everyone can access quality healthcare when they need it the most.

Our Core Values

Our Focus For The Future of Health Medicine

Just like our health, health medicine is ever-changing and evolving throughout the years. Quick Fix Urgent Care constantly stays updated with the latest advancements in medical technology and human diseases. If there’s a new advancement in medical technology to provide quick and convenient care for our patients, then our medical professionals will know about it.

We also believe in fostering a compassionate environment where patients feel heard and valued. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where individuals can seek expert medical advice without feeling intimidated or judged.

QuickFix Dedication To Our Community