Urgent Care Services

What Quick Fix Urgent Care Treats

Your health matters at Quick Fix Urgent Care. Our fully equipped medical facility provides diagnostic testing and treatments for minor illnesses and injuries. Whether you need medicine for a simple stomachache or have an ear infection, our medical staff can help you.

With years of experience in the medical field, our on-site staff ensures a comfortable environment for both the patient and staff. We want you to be able to be fully transparent about your health so we can better diagnose the root cause and treat it accordingly!

Healthcare Services

Our Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic provides care for kids and adults. We’re able to treat kids as young as three-months-old and older. We also provide routine medical examinations and preventative care to better your health and lifestyle choices!

Testing & Treatments For Minor Injuries and Illnesses

Quick Fix Urgent Care treats minor injuries and illnesses like food poisoning, stitches, ear infections, bronchitis, rashes, and more! Our facility also provides diagnostic testing for STDs, pregnancy, COVID, and more.

Abscess & Boils

Treating infected abesses and boils to prevent the growth of bacteria in the body.

Bronchitis Treatment

Ensure your respiratory health is in good shape with bronchitis treatment.

Cold & Flu Treatment

Seasonal flu can put your life on hold. Stop this illness with cold and flu treatment.

COVID Testing

Are you feeling symptoms of COVID-19? Visit us for COVID-19 testing.

Ear Infection

Stop the pain with ear infection treatment provided by Quick Fix Urgent Care.

Ear Wax Lavage

Providing ear wax lavage treatments to ensure that you hear your loved ones around you.

Food Poisoning Treatment

Don’t let your health be ruined because of a bad meal. We provide food poisoning treatment.

Glutathione Treatment

Glutathione treatments to help reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin.

IV Fluid

Recharge your body with IV fluid to help hangovers, low energy, and the immune system.

Laceration Repair

Laceration repair for fingers, legs, tongue, facial and any 1st degree lacerations.

Mononucleosis Testing

Stop the spread of mono with our comprehensive mononucleosis testing services.

Myers Cocktail

Decrease fatigue and lack of vitamins with the help of myers cocktail rejuvenation treatments.

Orthopedic Injury Care

Get your mobility and comfort back with a treatment for sprains and fractures.

Pregnancy Test

Know where your menstrual health stands with pregnancy testing provided by our medical team.

Preventative Services

Regular check-ups and preventive care to maintain good health.

Rash Treatment

Stop the itchy and painful sensations with rash treatments.

Seasonal Fevers

We can treat your seasonal fever or infection with the help of modern medicine.

STD Testing

Your sexual health plays a major part in your body. Understand your health with STD testing.

Stitches For Cuts & Wounds

Our staff is fully trained and capable of handling stitches for cuts and wounds.

Stomachache Treatment

Stomach issues? Get treated for your stomachache at Quick Fix Urgent Care.

Strep Throat Treatment

Strep throat can be a deadly disease if left untreated. Get strep throat treatment today.

Stye Treatment

Keep your vision clean and clear with our stye treatment.

Ringworm Treatment

Suffering from ringworm? Get help with ringworm treatment today!

Treating Burns

Feeling the effects of a bad burn? We can help with our burn treatment services.

UTI / Bladder Infection Treatment

UTIs and bladder infections are quite common among adults. Get tested and treated today.

Vitamin B12

Enhance your health with Vitamin B12 injections for nerve and cell membrane production.

Vitamin D Injections

Help preserve the health of your bones with vitamin D injection treatments.